When Rockets Launch

“We are strong.
No one can tell us we’re wrong.
Searching our hearts for so long,
both of us knowing,
love is a battlefield.”
(1983) “Love Is A Battlefield” Recorded By: Pat Benatar Composers: Holly Knight & Mike Chapman

“These, ‘so-called’ Christians, like to attack whenever they don’t agree with someone else!”

“I’m DONE with my old high school friends who claim they’re Christians!”

“I’m not surprised anymore by what Christians say. They are all haters and ‘Trumpers’!”

“I’m not surprised either. In fact, I expect it from them (Christians).”

“Yep, most of them (Christians) are uneducated !…#@&*!”

Offended yet? If you are not of the faith, you’ll find it doesn’t necessarily bother you. Or should it? Keep reading.

Let me back up a bit to explain the above.

A “friend” of mine, going back to my high school days, launched a very negative attack on her Facebook post after she read another angry person’s comment on a private group posting memorials of deceased alumni, or teaching staff from my old high school. It’s a very nice service to have, especially when you’re an alumni who cares for old friends and teachers from yesteryear. I have been able to honor former classmates by attending their funeral services due to the fact I was briefed by the memorial page. Yet, all of the harsh words written above about “Christians” were in reaction to the cover photo of the memorial page. Here’s what launched those scathing words thrown at “Christians”. A simple photo.

Photo: R.L. Turner High School Memorial Page

Yep! That’s right, the cross. I guess this gang of vipers would break out in physical convulsions at Arlington Cemetery. It all began with one individual who responded to an obit of a departed alumni. The string of replies were the common condolences, well wishes, prayers for the family, etc, Then came this one who didn’t write anything about the deceased person, but instead questioned the use of the cross as the cover photo. In his complaint, TO THIS PRIVATE GROUP PAGE, he mentioned there were so many classmates and teachers who were not Christians. Stupidly, and yes, I used that word just now, for his assault on the cross, mentioned how the high school is a public school on school district land, therefore religious symbols should stay out of it. Of course, the school, or school district, didn’t put up the memorial page…a “private group” did so on the Facebook platform.

Back to my old high school atheistic chum. She notated on her page a description of what she saw on the memorial page, and how it should be taken down, in the recent flavor of cancel culture. Of course, she wanted to stir the stew, and she certainly did. Most of her friends on her list are far left edge, godless people, who talk about how tolerant they are, but only selectively tolerant. Tolerance for me, but not for thee. So, as one might imagine, a slew of her Christian-hating friends poured it on with a hot liquid steel spew about followers of Jesus. I only shared a short snapshot of what I read. The string of comments went on and on. It wasn’t long until one of the attacking clan aligned all Christians with Donald Trump and overall conservative political supporters. A few foolishly targeted Jesus Himself in their ramblings with despicable adjectives I cannot repeat here.

One of the complaints my old pal had, surrounded the fact that there were some people who responded badly to the man who questioned using the cross as a memorial symbol. Some were defending the cross vigorously from a faith-based point of view, others were chewing on the guy from a civics perspective. However, many replied to him in a loving way. In all cases, everyone was lumped into the “Christian” pile, a pile to burned, or eaten by lions. Been there, done that. Yet, frankly, many did not answer him with an attitude of love, but more on the scale of scrapping with an enemy. The baby hits the ground with the bathwater. Some lambs do roar. Other lambs are just so tired of being attacked by popular culture who thinks a person of faith is a Neanderthal. One vomiting up, “Most of them are uneducated!” (They should remember that whenever they pass by a Presbyterian Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Baptist Hospital, etc.) Otherwise, if Christians stay silent, inactive, and keep their teachings only inside four walls on a Sunday, then all will be right with the world. But a city on a hill can’t be hidden, can it? Salt and light alters things. The Cornerstone continues to cause many to stumble on their dark paths. The spewing haters don’t realize it, but they are indeed proving the scripture to be so accurate.

You might say, “Hey, Alan, wake up and smell the coffee. Are you new to today’s world?”

I spent most of the 1980’s on a job where I was mocked for my faith daily. I’m no stranger to this at all. My reply to such a question lies with another question. What if you take out the word “Christians” from the hateful circle of vile, and replace it with…Jews…Hindus…Muslims…Agnostics…Atheists…LGBTQ…Vets…Mexicans…The Disabled…Blue-eyed people…Bald people… Well, you get my point. The ones shouting, “RACISM!” are usually the most guilty of the sin. Take any of those titles and replace the word “Christians” and the Woke squadron would be all over you like ugly on Sasquatch. Am I right? Are you nodding your head?

I’m not biblically illiterate. Scripture states, humanity ran from God. We still do. We don’t want to be reminded there is a code for living, set by an ultimate Authority. Those who are still running from God’s arms want to make their own codes, their own roads, their own laws. After all, we have to validate whatever we do in action, word, or deed. Am I right? It’s very much like the crowd who shouts in the streets to defund the cops, or delete the police all together. It is why Jesus said if we follow Him, expect haters, expect stones to be thrown, flaming darts released, missiles to be launched. The bottom line here, it’s all part of an ancient Holy war. Israel understands that all too well.

Photo: Fox News Hamas rockets over Israel.

You might be asking yourself if I “Unfriended” my old high school screamer. No, I can’t bring myself to do that. However, for my sanity, I did take a “Break” from her.

Loving others can truly be a battlefield.

The highway of faith is a gauntlet, yet overcome by fuel for the race.

“Blessed are you whenever they revile you and persecute you and they say every evil word against you for my sake, in falsehood. Then rejoice and triumph, because your reward is great in Heaven, for just so they persecuted The Prophets who were before you.” – Jesus – Matthew 5:11-12 (Aramaic Bible In Plain English)


20 Replies to “When Rockets Launch”

  1. I had to “unfollow” several friends because of rants of any kind. They aren’t going to hear anything else on a public forum, but might hear a prayed-for private comment. A cross might not have been the best choice for the heading. I once wrote a story about an overseas American cemetery and mentioned crosses and Stars of David. Another writer was so blessed that I’d included the Stars of David. Keep sharing your Fuel for the Race!

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    1. I know there has been complaints from those offended by the cross and Star of David at Arlington in recent years. Good luck there. But from what we’re seeing of late, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a motion to nix. Arg!

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  2. The word of God stands forever. There is no contest there. We carry the cross within our hearts. The world is as it is. (We are not of the world; nor, do we tarry among the benchmarks this world sets.)

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  3. Good point! So many things are categorized/profiled for better or worse, Christianity obviously being one of the top ones…but God’s word says one day ‘every knee will bow and every tongue will acknowledge God.’ This topic of Christianity is unavoidable whether they like it or not..but Jesus already has the victory regardless!!

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  4. It amazes me how many people think they are tolerant, but have no problem attacking those who think differently from them. And sadly, white Christian males are the new popular scapegoat, and it is considered absolutely okay to attack them. Other Christians as well, but white males are the main target group. Why do we not see that attacking ANY group is wrong? As you say, a good litmus test is to replace the word Christian with another group and see how that sounds. If it sounds offensive, then don’t say it about Christians either! Hypocracy has reached new heights……

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  5. So much for “tolerance.” It astounds me and you’re right, it will only get worse. So as I’m nodding my head while reading your post, I remembered an encounter I once had with a devout atheist who proclaimed her stance from the get-go when you met her. I often wondered why, when she declared there was “no God,” she vehemently used His name in vain constantly in her speech. Why damn an entity that you believe doesn’t exist? And then I realized something — she really didn’t believe there was no God, she was just fiercely angry at Him because of a circumstance she endured. All of the raging anger that is thrust upon us as Christians comes because I honestly believe that in the deepest part of those who attack us, they know there really is a God – just like the evil one who holds them in his grip knows God exists. That wrath and hatred comes from the wicked pit of hell and we need to pray for mercy and saving grace for those who attack us because we are Christ followers. We are going to have to brace ourselves and stand firm on our faith and God’s Word as the attacks became more violent.

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  6. “Am I right? Are you nodding your head?” The whole time I was readig this post. I used to work for a smalltown newspaper and as a result I ended up getting to know a lot of people from many walks of life. Sadly, some of these people are now some of the rudest, most vile people who spew the most disgusting hatred against people of the Christian faith or those of another party. They claim they are tolerant but their Facebook pages are filled with the most horrid comments about people who don’t believe the same as them. One lady even wrote that anyone who does not get vaccinated for C-19 should have their children taken away and those children placed in indocrination camps to brainwash them into believing all she believes. It was completely bizarre. I have a friend who remains friends with her and it baffles me because this “friend” calls for her death and destruction day after day after day. How long do we have to keep listening to that before we step up? If not for ourselves then for others who are too weary to do so.

    I have had to take some very long social media breaks of late because of all the hatred and vitriol. It is very mentally and spiritually exhausting.

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    1. I hear ya, Lisa. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from it all. In fact, I believe it’s healthy. All we can do is pray & stand up, step up for truth. He said we would have trials and tribulations while living on this earth. We should expect it to get bad. Yet, we are somehow to consider it “joy”. It’s tough at times.

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