Fit For A King

“Crown Him the Lord of heav’n!
One with the Father known,
One with the Spirit through Him giv’n,
From yonder glorious throne,
To Thee be endless praise,
For Thou for us hast died;
Be Thou, O Lord, through endless days,
Adored and magnified.”
(1852 & 1874) “Crown Him With Many Crowns” Composers: Matthew Bridges & Godfrey Thring

Were you watching early that morning in the U.S. time zones? My alarm went off just before 4am central in Texas so I could catch every moment of the historical day in England.

Coronations of this magnitude are rare, especially internationally broadcast coronation ceremonies. It was all as it was supposed to be from the royal carriage ride to Westminster Abby, not far from the phenomenal Buckingham Palace, to the eye-popping parades, to the presentations of the richly meaningful symbolic items displayed before King Charles.

It’s important to note, King Charles was already King at the moment of his mother’s death last year. This coronation was the spectacular official crowning for the world to see, and his official acceptance of the throne.

Events this grand are very carefully organized and rehearsed to the fullest extent. King Charles himself has been prepping for the pomp and circumstance of this day all of his life.

However, there always tends to be little glitches which are bound to happen in the protocols of such a formal colossal event. Lip readers report an awkward verbal moment. At one point, His Highness was left sitting in the carriage on that rainy morning in front of the Abby due to the delayed arrival of his son, Prince William. The King was not pleased, and stated so. Nor was he pleased when a footman opened the carriage door prematurely as it was raining. Again, King Charles, sitting inside with Camilla, had some rather tough words to the man holding the door open. Of course, he shut the carriage door.

Photo: Fox News – King Charles crowning.

Another noticeable moment of uneasiness was the actual “crowning”. It seems the Arch Bishop of Canterbury had to slightly turn the five pound crown to adjust it correctly after he had already placed it on King Charles’ head. As I watched that flub over my coffee mug, I said, “Come on, man. How hard can it be?” You know the guy had to be nervous.

Of course, King Charles is only a figure head, just as his mother, Queen Elizabeth. This monarch reigns, but does not actually rule. “Service” was the theme of the ceremony, in the order of the servanthood of Jesus. Of course, the servanthood of King Charles only goes so far due to security, and his own decision of what “service” means to him. I doubt if you will see His Highness washing the feet of the homeless in an alley with his robe, certainly away from the cameras. No judgement here on my part. Like me, King Charles is a faulty man, as is all royals, presidents, and heads of state.

Photo: Fox News – Not unlike Cinderella’s carriage, the Coronation Carriage is something to behold.

As stated, all went swimmingly well, even the bumpy ride in the golden Coronation Carriage, all 8, 800 pounds of it, dating back to the 1760’s.

As I was watching, I couldn’t help think of how a monarch SHOULD be able to snap a finger and change their kingdom for the better. Still, that remains in the hands of the people of the U.K. and their parliament. Even if King Charles had such powers, he is 74 years old. Someday, for King Charles, this will all go away. His reign is short-lived.

Watching the pomp and circumstance, with all of the seemingly endless parade of military and horses decked in brilliant colors, my mind wondered what it will be like when The King Of Kings returns. His Kingdom will lack controversy, mishaps, or crowns which do not quite fit. His rule will be of pure righteousness, without fault.

His timing will be exact, impeccable, and publicly précised to the second. Weather will not be an issue for the footman, for He, The Lord Of Lords commands even the elements.

When King Charles entered Westminster Abby, he was donning a royal red robe topped in white. It turns out, that was his grandfather’s robe, King George VI. It’s highly appropriate as it reflects his lineage, his kingly line. After the actual coronation, His Majesty was decked out in a purple robe as he slowly exited the ceremony.

Photo: Fox News – King Charles holding the golden orb and scepter, wearing royal purple.

Purple is the color of royalty. I can visualize The Ancient of Days draped in the finest purple robe we have yet to lay our eyes on. Moreover, the world has yet to witness the robe of God, His Father, which one day may be presented to us to indicate the true lineage of Jesus. For now, all we can do is witness a contemporary coronation ceremony to get just a glimpse of a shade of what is to come. Still, this ceremony in London will not be able to be compared to when the King Of The Universe stands on our soil.

Photo: fox News – King Charles’ Train

Vastly different from the train of King Charles, His train, the train of His robe, will be so visually enormous, it will cover the floors of the temple to be built before He arrives. Scripture details this well. Most scholars see this passage as a symbolic idea of Messiah’s rule, the extent thereof, and maybe that is an accurate interpretation. Yet, I fully am expecting the longest train ever weaved.

His crown, no longer an assembly of thorns, will be of “crownS”. He will wear a diadem which will not just represent the U.K., or America, or the U.N., but the entire universe. It will fit perfectly. No adjustment will be needed.

Photo by Pixabay on

As the scripture says of His appearing, who among us all will be able to stay standing on our feet?

“But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire, and like launderer’s soap.” – Malachi 3:2 (NAS)

No doubt He will arrive in pomp and circumstance, which may include a golden carriage, but I personally believe He will mount a great spotless white steed. But, because of His nature, His character, I also can see Him dismounting to walk alongside His subjects lining the streets. He will be the King of the people. No lip service. No fuzzy wording. No shell games. No smoke and mirrors.

According to biblical text, His throne will be adorned like nothing our natural world has seen to date. Special effects will not be needed. No special lighting crews assembled. No CGI software will be engaged. The shockingly dazzling visuals will come from Him, and created around Him. It will be as it is in heaven. Truly, fit for a King.

No figurehead monarch involved when He arrives. From Genesis to Revelation, over the four thousand year history of holy writ, details are recorded of what we can expect. The story is the same. He will RULE and REIGN physically here on the planet. No parliament needed. Nations will be inspected, and filtered out like a shepherd dividing the sheep and the goats. He knows the difference.

Photo: Fox News – King Charles Coronation with Queen Camilla to his right.

Camilla was crowned Queen during the coronation. There are those who grumble about this title for her, but still, she is the wife of King Charles.

According to the pages of scripture, to His right, seated with Him, will be His Queen, His bride. He wooed her from afar. He spoke to her heart before her eyes saw Him. He graciously extended His royal hand to her when she was just a sin-filled faulty commoner. When she accepted His proposal, drinking from His offered cup, He nourished her, held her high, and promised her a Kingdom which shall never end. She will sit at His right hand due to her being His promised bride, made to be immaculately cleansed. Like Camilla, she will be adorned, but not by her own funds, initiatives, or toil. She will be remarkably garnish. She will be gloriously enhanced. She will be presented to the universe bejeweled by the King Himself. She will be, as she is in our present reality, His beloved redeemed ones, the betrothed of God, saved from themselves by His grace.

The coronation from the days of eternity past will never be overthrown, disassembled, or voted out. In fact, the prophesy from the ancient scrolls state that when this earthly event occurs, every knee will bend, confessions in every language from every tribe and every nation will admit that He is not only King Of The Universe, but Lord Of All.

An international coronation for the world to behold is still to come. Find out where you can stream it live inside fuel for the race.

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.'” – Rev 11:15 (ESV)


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  1. So good, Alan! You have such a profound way of bringing in world happenings and creating an analogy that points to Jesus!

    I’m thankful to look forward to a future kingdom solely focused and operated on The King of kings.

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