There’s Always Tomorrow

“There’s always tomorrow,
For dreams to come true,
Tomorrow is not far away.”
(1964) From the TV production, “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Composer: Johnny Marks

Our 2021 looks just like what we see in my cover photo above the title. A blank sheet, a clean slate, a fresh page. Notice the pen still has its cap over the business end.

I, for one, will be happy to kiss 2020 goodbye. What a nasty year. I mean that, too. Hard, harsh, disgusting, rude, violent, diseased, and dark. And yet, we were responsible for it all. Sure, we could blame others, and we do. But when in retrospect, the wise ones will say, “We made a terrible mess.” And we did.

My middle daughter, Megan sent me a couple of photos from her house in Buffalo, NY over the Christmas week. Here’s one for you.

My daughter, Megan’s street in Buffalo, NY.

I love a fresh snow. It’s the darkened, oily, old snow I look away from. Lots like 2020.

More than the blank sheet of paper, 2021 may resemble more like this…

My daughter, Megan’s backyard in Buffalo, NY.

Isn’t it true? Do you see it? If you don’t see it, you would be right. There’s 2021 right there in that shot. A fresh mound of virgin snow…lacking footprints.

With all of our flaws, our faults, our flubs, God has seen fit to graciously hand us a frsh new year for us to walk carefully onward. In a way, the Creator is saying, “Here you go. I’m allowing you another year, fresh and clean. Now walk in my ways and just see where your footprints lead.”

Our footprints will tell us not only where we go, where we’ve been, and just how heavy our stomping has been, but we will discover more about our ways.

God knows the beginning and the ending. He knows our A through Z. He knows our pre-historic days, and our eternal lives. Isn’t it fair to say, The Ancient Of Days is also, The Maker Of Our Days? With Him, the crooked is made straight. The gift of free-will demands that we choose how to walk in 2021.

It is up to us.

Tomorrow’s trek requires fuel for the race.

“You shall walk in all the way which the LORD your God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you, and that you may prolong your days…” – Deuteronomy 5:33a (NAS)


21 Replies to “There’s Always Tomorrow”

  1. Amen, Alan. A hard year indeed, but so grateful how He’s kept us. May we order our steps on His path in the fresh start 2021 promises! A blessed new year to you and yours!

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  2. Your writing is always so genuine and authentic. It has been a tough year for most everyone in one way or another.
    Thoughts from a sermon on 1 Peter 1:3-9. The pastor opened with, “Life should feel a little strange to us [Christians] because we’re not home.” 2020 definitely felt a little strange. But God is our Living Hope! He is the One preparing us – refining us. Part of that is going through trials. The pastor closed with, “Trials reveal faith. A faith that can’t be tested is faith that can’t be trusted.”
    Alan, your blog testifies a faith in the Resurrected King of Kings. May grace and peace be multiplied to you.

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  3. You’re right, it’s always been about choices, day by day, often moment by moment. And when those choices weren’t good ones (I’m thinking especially of choosing our attitudes…) how gracious God is, always letting us start again.
    Have a beautiful, brighter 2021

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  4. Great post, Alan! And you know, I’ve been thinking along the same lines lately. I keep hearing how much better 2021 will be, and while I certainly hope that is true, I also believe it will only be true if we make an actual effort to make it a better year. There is nothing magic about Jan 1. It’s up to us do make 2021 a better year, starting with being grateful that we have the chance to do it. Happy New Year!


  5. Yes, exactly! Your post echoes what I’ve been thinking as we approach a brand new year. We all are ready to see 2020 in the rearview mirror but we must choose to approach 2021 with our focus on God with His Word guiding us forward. By the way, we had a white Christmas much like your daughter’s. It was beautiful.

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  6. Beautiful post! The pictures of your daughter’s house in the snow are breathtaking. I loved so many of the comments here…this post really resonates with how we feel. Wishing you God’s blessings as we step out in that fresh snow, longing to leave the murky puddles of pain behind us. Happy New Year!

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  7. “Walk in my ways and just see where your footprints lead.” Such a statement stirs up hope and expectation for where our footprints might lead, with the God of the Impossible doing the leading! However, I need to remember: walking in his ways is key. ‘Think I’ll print out that directive on a 3 x 5 and keep it with my prayer cards. Thank you, Alan!

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  8. Love your words!! Boy it’s taken up to be an interesting year already though — so with that we remain faithful to the One who controls it all, knowing that in His steps we’ll choose the better walk regardless of what comes.
    Beautiful pictures!!❤️

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