What’s Under The Hat?

“Dream on, dream on, dream on.  Dream until your dream comes true.”  (1973)  “Dream On”  Recorded by:  Aerosmith  Composer:  Steven Tyler

It’s not mystic.  It’s not magic.  It’s a mystery.

This is really a very different subject matter for my blog.  Rarely do I ever share deep secrets about myself, at least subjects most of my family or friends would know.  Actually, only my wife and my mom are aware of what I am about to disclose for the first time.  Simply, the time has come to do so.

“They often say, ‘the man under the hat’.  I always say, the Man behind the man under the hat.” – Dallas Cowboys first head coach Tom Landry

One thing people close to me know is I tend to wear a lot of hats.

Hat Tree

There was a time I could say I wear a lot of hats in regard to juggling of projects, time, or activities.  Now days, it’s more about the physical hats.

At the same time, it’s not so interesting which hat I toss on my noggin, as what’s going on underneath the hat.

Too often I wake up from a strange dream where I could ask myself, “What’s under the hat?”

Hat Duo

In the last year or so, my dream-life has been more vivid, colorful, memorable, and completely in HD than ever before.  I blame much of it on medications.  Most dreams tend to be quick video clips of places, people, or pets.  From time to time there will be a nightmare, but seldom do they show up in my dream festivals.  Maybe this happens to you.  Dreams surrounding my past reoccur in what seems to be a rotation.  That is to say, these would be scenes from decades ago which may, or may not be, of any real significance.  When they splash on my dream-screen, I almost chuckle aloud in my sleep.  Actually, I probably do.

Now for the secret.  Please, don’t think me to be insane, or given to stories of the spectacular.  If you read my posts often then you know the subject is way off of my norm.

I will preface it with this:  What I am about to share with you is accurate without any embellishment.  The confession will be between the two of us, if that’s okay with you.  Just keep it under your…well, you know.

Hat Closet

Several times throughout my life I will dream about a subject, a person, or a geographical place to be followed by the exact item in my dream showing up in my real-life waking hours.  With that said, you might label me as a candidate for some serious meds, combined with therapy sessions.  Yet, I’m not kidding.  Really.  It happens.  How often?  Maybe seven times over a period of a year or so.  Allow me to reveal a couple of examples.  The first one is a doozy.

Last week, I had a dream where I woke up hearing water running through the plumping.  Jumping out of bed (In the dream.) I went on the hunt to find if there was a flooding issue from an overflowing bathtub, sink, or dishwasher.  Nothing found.  No water running amok.  From there I went to the living room window to take a peek at the outside water hose.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement coming from the driveway where the cars are parked.  There, in living color, a man dressed in a nice suit and dress hat from the early 60’s, or late 50’s was washing our two vehicles with the garden hose.  Strange, right?  True, but it got even more bizarre.  As the man turned to an angle where I could see his face, I recognized him immediately.  The dressed-up man, busy washing our cars, was none other than the late actor, Raymond Burr of “Perry Mason” and “Ironside” fame.  No rhyme nor reason to it whatsoever.  It woke me up.  Of course my sleepy question was, why am I dreaming about Raymond Burr?  At that point, I get out of bed to start my day.  Fast forward two hours later, I’m watching the news on a national network.  The very professional, well-spoken, near perfect news anchor mentions an upcoming interview with Raymond Burr!!!  Instantly, he smiled, corrected himself and restated.  He meant to say, U.S. Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr.  He chuckled as he highlighted his mistake by mentioning Raymond Burr played the characters, Perry Mason and Ironside, not a U.S. Senator.  It’s nuts!  I know.

Another example of the peculiarity of one of my dreams came in the form of a color.  Several months ago, in a dream, I was driving.  My line of sight had knocked out every color with the exception of seeing pink everywhere.  It was as if someone gave me Pepto Bismol sunglasses.  No mater where I turned, PINK EVERYTHING!  On the same day, during my waking hours, I was driving down the frontage road of a major interstate for a lunch date with my youngest daughter.  On my way, I saw a new billboard advertisement for an out-of-state casino where a big musical artist was booked for a few performances.  Her name was, Pink!  Yes, the well-known recording artist, Pink.

One night I had a dream where I was with an old high school friend during a musical rehearsal in the school theater after school.  In the dream we were in our teens.  A day later, in my waking hours, this same friend, a classmate from 41 years ago, which I rarely communicate with, sends me a message via text on Facebook.  He was going to be in town and wanted to see if we could get together for dinner.  Go figure.

It’s a baffling anomaly to say the least.  I will say, as a kid I had many, many instances of deja vu.  Were you plagued with those?  Maybe it’s connected to this oddity.  It didn’t scare me at all, but it did cause me to wonder how and why it happened.  Well, nevertheless it faded after I became an adult.  It seems the dreams of connection took its place in my brain.

photo of head bust print artwork
Photo by meo on Pexels.com

Frankly, when this happens to me each and every time it is of no real consequence, or urgency.  There are never any dreams of a flight number where a hijacking takes place that day, or an earthquake to pop up in an unusual location, etc.  The subject matter always tends to be benign, or totally uninteresting.  To be blunt, there’s a nagging within to understand what this is, or why, how, and what for.  I’m sure there is a word for the phenomenon, but I don’t know exactly what it is.

There, that’s my secret.  If this happens to you I would like to hear about it.  Maybe Aerosmith has something under their hat on this topic after all.

One more thing I acknowledge, without wonder or mystery, I know the One Who put me together in the womb.  The computer in the brain is an amazing instrument which is certainly unmatched.

“You know my sitting down and my rising up. You perceive my thoughts from afar.” – Psalm 139:2  (NHEB)

He is the Architect, the Designer, the Thought Provoker.  Most of all, and more importantly, He services my mind with fuel for the race.

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.” – Psalm 139:14 (NAS) 

22 Replies to “What’s Under The Hat?”

  1. Interesting. As you know from my blog, I find dreams fascinating.
    I had a dream once during a rare afternoon “power nap,” where I saw through the windows of a house that the curtains were catching fire. It seemed very real – the flicker of a tiny flame, and the way it grew brighter before I woke up. Having no idea why I had dreamt that, I prayed that if there was indeed a house on fire somewhere, that God would protect the people. Then I forgot all about it until the next day. I had a Christian radio station on, and someone (author?) was being interviewed. The interviewer was saying how grateful she was that the person was Ok after the fire the day before. The interviewee replied, “Yes, praise God, no one was home at the time.”

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  2. Good song! This is a very interesting post…dreams are sort of a mystery for us all. They say you should actually write down your dreams when you wake up…otherwise you might forget them. It seems possible that some people who are gifted with great imaginations in the daytime hours would also have great imaginative experiences when they are sleeping! 🙂 A good imagination is useful for almost anything we do in life. I will say there are some dreams which seem to be almost like real-life. I am glad you did not keep this ‘under your hat’. It is a fascinating concept. I tend to place this sort of thing under ‘gifts’. It is an uncanny talent!

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      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You should write them down. It might surprise you. I always think I will remember my dreams, but then I forget about them later. There are people who keep a journal by their bed and write something down quick when they first wake up…food for thought!

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  3. I love your blogs, this one is especially good. I have had dreams that I can’t explain myself. I would dream of a place I have never seen then one day I will go see it or recognize it from my dream and there is no way I can explain it!! I’m not physic… I’ve heard things somewhere that I have only heard in my dreams… strange but mostly I have the strangest dreams when I do remember them. But hey , if you can sleep on your side and dream you fall off the bed and still physically jump about three feet , anything is possible in the dream world! A few months after my Dad passed away my mom dreamed my Sad came back to get a music instrument, the boys up there were waiting on him to get it and come back. My Dad could not carry a tune in a bucket musically or vocally…

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  4. Dreams are fascinating, and I honestly believe that we don’t really understand how they work….yet. I have had some very realistic dreams that seem more as if someone is giving me a message, but I haven’t shared your experience of dreaming about something before it happens. But I believe you. We really haven’t discovered how our brains really work just yet, or even all the secrets of the universe we live in. (Just think how hard it would be to explain television or the internet to someone who lived one hundred years ago!)


  5. I find dreams absolutely fascinating. Our brains are like a secret world, can you imagine unlocking all of its potential. I share similar situations that have arose after a dream the latest was Kenny Rogers 😂 I hope you share more of this, its so interesting! Big hugs my friend!!

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  6. Have you seen the cult classic movie Pi? If you pursue the understanding of the secret under the hat, a clandestine team of deep state government agents and Illuminati business goons will invariably begin chasing you until you decide to implode your brain. That’s why I stick to clothes. Seriously, I am fascinated by the mysteries of dreams. I had the chance to do interviews over the years with many researchers in that field. Your experiences would definitely interest them. Thanks for sharing Alan.

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. I agree. I used to carry a pocket recorder everywhere j went to record those phrases, sentences, or thoughts before they dissolved like cotton candy. I appreciate the link. God’s grip & the tipping of my beret. – Alan


  7. Haha love the Steven Tyler lyrics to go along with this post!!😂
    I don’t really have this happen in dreams like what you’ve described (interesting though!!)

    ….but there are times I’ll randomly think of someone I haven’t seen in a while and then I’ll end up seeing them at Walmart or somewhere on my very next outing..that happens pretty often.

    Fun post you have here Alan!!

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  8. My mom says her mother had a recurring water dream accompanied by a specific song. Each time the dream would occur, the next day she’d get notified of a loved one passing. Due to that, she hated the song.

    I’ve had two dreams I remember; one years ago where a close friend of mine came to me in a dream one night and told me he’d died and that his wife had been slowly poisoning him causing his death. The next day I was notified that he had actually died during the night. The other, more recently was when Uncle Bob passed. The morning he passed, I dreamt it only to later that morning be notified of it. Concerning Dejavu, I’ve had that quite a few times over the years; Interesting to say the least .

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    1. Hi Michael. Interesting stuff. It doesn’t happen to me as often as it used to. The dejavu has almost been taken from me as I get older. Not sure what that means, but it’s true. I wonder if this kind of thing runs in the family. I guess we will know someday…away from this place. God’s grip – Alan


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